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Discover a place of self-acceptance and inner peace

About me

My mission is to support you on your journey to thriving

Faith Yoo

As an Asian American therapist specializing in working with both teens and adults, I'm here to amplify your voice and ensure that your narrative is heard and honored. Learn more...

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Faith Yoo, Korean therapist pictured in Culver City, California
"I am passionate about guiding you towards a place of profound healing and understanding."


Icon illustrating the psychotherapy service offering.


Drawing from psychodynamic techniques, my approach empowers you to conquer hurdles, foster self-esteem and further your self-understanding.

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From the comfort of your chosen space, I'll guide you through telehealth sessions where distance won't hinder the care you deserve.

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Feel the in-person impact of a safe and supportive environment. We'll navigate challenges, foster growth, and unlock your potential together.

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My focused areas of care

Intergenerational trauma: Illustration of a person with a circular arrow around them, representing the cycle of intergenerational trauma.

Intergenerational Trauma

Help you break the cycle, heal the wounds, and pave a path of renewal.

Sexual abuse: Illustration of two people standing, one yelling at the other, depicting a scene of conflict related to sexual abuse.

Sexual Abuse

Supporting your journey from survivor to thriver, as you reclaim your sense of safety and self.

Anxiety face: Illustration of a person with a worried expression.


Provide tools and guidance towards a place of calm confidence.

Depression: Illustration of a person hunched over, symbolizing the weight of depression.

Trauma & PTSD

Help you reclaim your strength and rewrite your story of resilience.

Codependency: Illustration of a person hanging like a puppet, representing codependent dynamics.


Empower you to break free from unhealthy patterns.

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